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Lionfish Rillette

Description :

The Azaïs Polito canning factory proposes a delicious rillette recipe, which will show you the authentic flavour of a fish from the rocky coasts, Lionfish.

With 60% of lionfish from Cantabrian sea between Basque country and Galicia, and just seasoned with salt and pepper, this rillette is only prepared with natural products, without conservatives nor artificial additives, that makes a product with an authentic and high range taste.


130 ml

Composition :

Lionfish 60%, rapeseed oil, onions, butter, tomatoes, milk, eggs, salt, pepper, carrageenan (extract of seaweed).

Storage :

in a dry and temperate place.

Consume within 2 years of the manufacturing date.

Serving Suggestion :

The Lionfish rillette is perfect to be an unavoidable of your appetizers, in every season.

Taste it just spread on farmhouse bread with a glass of dry white wine, to give a delicious Mediterranean touch on your appetizers.


5,50 €

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